16.01.2015: Better capacity and durability: The new Nokian NTR 52 steer axle tyre remains reliable for longer
25.11.2014: Tested winter safety: The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck and Nokian Hakka Truck tyres for heavy vehicles perform reliably in varying winter weather
27.10.2014: Nokian Hakka Truck 844 - Durability for demanding operations
23.06.2014: Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck D - Winter grip and stability for the main roads, new sizes available
02.06.2014: Nokian Noktop 86 – Stable reliability for demanding off-road conditions
14.04.2014: The first winter contracting tyre for tractors – in the world: Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI – superior traction and winter grip
25.11.2013: Nokian Forest King TRS2: Top innovation for forestry work, with or without tracks
25.11.2013: New generation of Steyr tractors uses Nokian Heavy Tyres
12.11.2013: Newest Heavy magazine: Rolling towards test victories
11.11.2013: Nokian Heavy Tyres presents its novelties on Agritechnica exhibition: New Nokian CT BAS trailer tyre – load bearing capacity and stability for construction transportation, top contracting tyre Nokian TRI 2, forestry tyre Nokian Forest King TRS2
11.11.2013: New Nokian CT BAS trailer tyre – load bearing capacity and stability for construction transportation
11.11.2013: Nokian TRI2 holds its top position among contracting tyres
13.09.2013: New Nokian Forest King TRS2 forestry tyre – excellent without tracks and excellent with them
29.08.2013: Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces new wider and efficient Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre for skidders
07.05.2013: The TRI2 test day discovered optimum feel and extreme conditions: From professional experience to test results
19.02.2013: Nokian Nordman Forest F – Reliable and cost-effective solution for forestry machines
19.02.2013: Nokian Forest King F2 – track grip for demanding forestry use
03.10.2012: Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces new wider and efficient Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre for skidders
01.10.2012: With Quality and Style: Winner of the forestry tyre competition had over 51 000 working hours
21.06.2012: Nokian Mine King L-5S - The new king of mines
21.06.2012: New product reaches for the optimum - Nokian BAS Stacker for fluent, precise terminal work
21.06.2012: The wider, straighter Forest King is coming soon
21.06.2012: Largest tyre from Nokian rolls into the mines
21.06.2012: Beyond All-Steel Radial technology – power with a wil of steel, now also for mines
18.06.2012: Newest Heavy magazine goes under demanding conditions
14.06.2012: Nokian Heavy Tyres is the world's market leader in forestry tyres and a forerunner in the industry with the advanced Nokian Forest Rider
25.01.2012: Nokian Heavy Tyres released its Heavy magazine 2/2011 also in flash format
22.12.2011: Heavy Tyre eNews 12/2011 is out
09.12.2011: Newest Heavy magazine out into the world
28.11.2011: The first Heavy Tyre eNews is out
14.11.2011: Increased size selection for block-patterned Nokian TRI 2 special tyre brings more effectiveness to property and road maintenance
14.11.2011: The world's best load-bearing capacity: The new low-profile Nokian Country King agricultural tyre is gentle to the environment and bears up to 2 tonnes of additional load
01.11.2011: Vianor Industrial concept expands further
08.09.2011: Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces sturdy and efficient new earthmoving tyres
08.09.2011: Beyond All-Steel Radial modern high technology moves forward: New special tyres for material handling and earthmoving
06.07.2011: The new Heavy magazine shines with creativity
05.07.2011: Success in tests: Nokian ELS Radial is economical with fuel
05.07.2011: Nordman now also available for container handling machines
04.07.2011: Technical manual online
15.06.2011: Outstanding new tyre to Nokian Mining product range
02.05.2011: New Nokian Nordman Harbour 18.00-25 40 and 18.00-33 40 improved stability for reach stackers and fork lifts
02.05.2011: More agility for Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) Cranes: New Nokian Nordman RTG
28.01.2011: Beyond All-Steel Radial – modern high technology
18.11.2010: The new issue of Heavy magazine boasts with keys to success
08.10.2010: New Nokian TRI 2 Steel size for small tractors
30.09.2010: Vianor Industrial – A new concept to provide professional service for heavy vehicles
01.09.2010: The new Nokian Forest King F is the world’s strongest forest tyre
01.09.2010: The range of the advanced Nokian Forest Rider forestry tyre expands
01.09.2010: The improved durability of the versatile Nokian Country King agricultural tyre enables an additional season of use
01.09.2010: Nokian Nordman Forest tyres work reliably in versatile professional use
24.06.2010: Nokian HTS Straddle – effortless stability, extreme wear resistance
18.06.2010: New Heavy customer magazine has been published
04.06.2010: More efficiency and reliability to forests and harbours
01.06.2010: New website for Heavy Tyres
13.11.2009: New Fingerprint magazine has been published: Respecting the environment
10.11.2009: Expansion in the environmentally friendly flotation radial tyre selection: Efficiency for versatile trailer use
09.11.2009: More agility for Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) Cranes
09.11.2009: Steel-belted Nokian ELS Radial: Better durability and load-bearing capacity for massive trailers
16.10.2009: Tire Pressure LED: Brilliant but simple low pressure indicator
03.09.2009: The new Nokian Loader Grip 2 - maximum grip for wheel loaders
03.09.2009: Added contracting power - Nokian TRI2 features a giant leap in wear resistance and grip
03.06.2009: Efficiency to harvesting: The Nokian Forest Rider product family is growing and goes tubeless
03.06.2009: More operating hours to contractors - everyday work - the durability of the Nokian TRI 2 improves
03.06.2009: The new Nokian Forest Rider tyre sizes soften the driving response of heavy tractors
03.06.2009: The new Nokian Forest King F tyre size brings more durability and load-bearing capacity for CTL machinery
11.05.2009: The future of forestry tyres at the Elmia Wood Fair, 3-6 June
24.02.2009: Fingerprint 1/2009: The world's biggest port as a test track
23.02.2009: New sizes of the Nokian Forest Rider special tyres for heavy tractors and demanding forestry work
20.02.2009: Increasing significance of harbour and mining tyre production
16.12.2008: New products for mining use
31.10.2008: Interim report for Nokian Tyres plc January-September 2008
28.08.2008: New Nokian Forest Rider rim size gives much needed efficiency and radial tyre comfort to smaller forestry machines
27.08.2008: New Nokian TRI 2 sizes: Tender and soft green area maintenance and grassland farming
27.08.2008: New Nokian MPT Agile keeps soldiers and civilians firmly on the road
11.07.2008: Novelties at FinnMETKO 2008
04.06.2008: A passion for forest: New Fingerprint magazine published
06.05.2008: Jarmo Puputti appointed Managing Director of Nokian Heavy Tyres
29.04.2008: The new tyre label is bigger, more attractive and technically better
04.04.2008: Agricultural tyre brochures were revamped
21.02.2008: Financial Statements Bulletin 2007: Demand remained strong in Heavy Tyres
13.11.2007: New Fingerprint magazine
12.11.2007: The size range of Nokian Country King expanded: Efficiency and durability for versatile trailer use
12.11.2007: New Nokian ELS Radial size: Heavy agricultural machines and trailers can also roll lightly
06.11.2007: Nokian Heavy Tyres visibly present at the Agritechnica 2007 exhibition
06.11.2007: Technical Manual update: The missing Nokian ELS Radial sizes
14.09.2007: Nokian Heavy Tyres renewed its website
30.08.2007: Forest King TRS L-2 ― irresistible traction for CTL forestry machines
22.08.2007: Efficiency in contractors’ routines
21.08.2007: The size range of Nokian Forest Rider expands